The Capacity Challenge
You know only too well the multiple robotic attacks hitting your business infrastructure and its data right now. Investigating these attacks through case-by-case manual intervention simply cannot scale to meet the density of these attacks.

How Automation Helps You
Automating the investigation and triage of incoming security threats is the most effective weapon against this barrage of mechanized attacks, and frees your security experts to be security experts.

Is Your Security Response Automated and Ready?

How Can We Help You?


Fully customisable data collection, management, and retrieval, giving you the tools you need to investigate any potential security threats.

Intelligently collect every piece of data from all assets on your network.
Powerful search engine to find exactly what you need, when you need it.
Built-in archival and retrieval tools, giving you access to all historical data.
Easy to use smart alerting that helps you investigate threats effectively.


Robust user and machine behaviour monitoring that alerts you to any rogue behaviour detected on your network, allowing you to prevent security breaches before they happen.

Built-in user and machine behaviour monitoring to detect abnormal behaviours.
Automated workflow and ticketing engine for effortless task management.
Prevent malicious cyber attacks before they take place by detecting early signs.
Fully customisable smart alerting system, giving users only relevant information.


We give your organisation all the information it needs to stay on top of its security risks and prevent costly attacks.

Reduce workload, costs and response time with in-depth workflow management.
Automate laborious tasks so your security team can focus on more important issues.
Abnormal behaviour detection that allows you to prevent attacks before they happen.
In-built compliance checks help you stay up to date on your compliance status.


Our SOCAutomation platform offers a fully customisable, automated workflow and ticketing system, allowing you to simplify the data management process.

In-depth alerting and reporting tools for users of all experience levels.
Fully automate processes and tasks to reduce response time.
Intelligent distribution of alerts to the rightful owners, giving users the exact information they need.
Optimised staff and reduce costs by streamlining processes.