What’s New In Lexicon 4.1

This document outlines the salient changes in Lexicon 4.1.

What’s New in Lexicon 4
Key changes from Lexicon 2.x & 3.x
Honeycomb’s release of Lexicon 4.x heralds a new age of scalability and functionality in data
management, big data search and security/behavioural monitoring.
The two biggest changes in 4.x are:
1. New and Upgraded Lexicon indexer
This major upgrade of the Lexicon indexing server provides key scalability enhancements for disk and
network IO, particularly for virtual environments. This allows Lexicon indexers to run in virtual and/or
physical machine environments with very high efficiency for both syslog/http network throughput and
disk IO, with the ability to store hundreds of millions of events in a single Lexicon instance.
2. Browser-based GUIs
New web interfaces for LexCollect Data Collection management and Lexicon Quick Search™ deliver
high-end manageability from your favourite browser.
Below is an outline of the salient changes in this release:
Lexicon Indexing Server
• Back-end index database major upgrade
• HTTP client upgrade
• Distribution and scalability enhancements
• Upgraded multi-threaded syslog handler
• High throughput support for virtual server environments
Lexicon Web Application Interface
• New browser-based LexCollect data collection policy management interface
• New browser-based Lexicon Quick Search™ interface for quickly searching Lexicon indexes
Lexicon Reporter
• New Visual Elements for easy and concise reporting
• Updated built-in Reports
• Updated Knowledge Sets
• Enhancements to back-end services
• Miscellaneous service and UI changes and enhancements
• Miscellaneous bugfixes
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