How Can You Overcome the Cost of Monitoring Your Windows Environment?

Windows auditing is a necessary challenge for every organization, and without the right tools it can be a daunting task. Many IT departments responsible for auditing struggle with a common variety of issues regardless of size or vertical. Keeping on top of these reduces the risk of other issues occurring that will eat away at resources.

Below are some of the issues IT departments face today:

  • Not Enough Staff – Given the limited resources available to most IT departments, there usually aren’t enough administrators to cover all of the work that needs to be achieved.

  • Higher Priorities – Stretched IT departments endure a constant struggle to prioritize and complete tasks. With data volume growing day-by-day, IT teams need an automated solution to ease the burden of handling large amounts of audit records.

  • Multiple Audits – Many large organisations have a number of regulations they need to follow (PCI, SOX, ISO, etc.) all of which have their own standards and require specific audits.

  • Limited Native Auditing – Many IT departments rely on the native auditing capabilities of their OS, and while this may work for some, there are some major shortcomings that make it far from ideal. For example, Windows’ native auditing was primarily designed to support troubleshooting efforts, not to meet the auditing needs for an organization.

  • Poor correlation – Many auditing tools lack the functionality of intelligent correlation

Honeycomb Lexicon offers a simple way to collect, manage, and store large volumes of Windows data, while offering decreased workload, centralized management, intrinsic event correlation and agentless execution.

How Honeycomb Technologies Can Meet Your Windows Auditing Needs

Built-In Expertise

Lexicon’s Windows knowledge set understands events from all types and versions of Windows machines. We are the experts for Windows server, workstation, local and domain operations.

Agented/Agentless Collection

Windows data can be gathered locally (agented), or remotely (agentless) and in any combination. We can even provide baseline Windows audit policy enforcement, to ensure your Windows assets are generating the correct events in the first place.

Unrivalled Data Management

Full policy-based data management and deployment capabilities, as well as software and content delivery and complete Windows LexApps make Honeycomb the first choice for delivering Windows data management solutions.

Why Choose Honeycomb Technologies?

Honeycomb Lexicon delivers complete data collection and management of Windows auditing requirements, designed to reduce overheads on a global scale.

With Honeycomb Lexicon, it’s now easier than ever to collect all the information your organization needs for the necessary audits. Thanks to quick deployment and ease of use, Honeycomb Lexicon helps IT departments spend less time on auditing and more time on high priority issues, while offering greater insights in to your organisations data.

Below are some of the benefits Honeycomb Lexicon can give to your organisation:

  • Reduce workload by decreasing the time needed for Windows data collection and management.

  • Collect all information available while showing you only what you need to see, giving you the ability to access as much information as you require.

  • Produce highly detailed audits using the comprehensive data collected by Honeycomb Lexicon.

  • Easily and automatically archive all audit data, giving you a historical database that can be viewed and searched through at any time.

To see how Honeycomb Lexicon benefits your business, download free now, and book an appointment with one of our technology partners for a personalised demonstration.