How Can You Detect and Prevent Security Threats Before They Happen?

The issue with most IT security solutions that are put in place today is that the security team isn’t alerted to threats until they have already happened and the damage is done. The only real way to combat this is by detecting abnormal behaviour and suspicious users before a security breach takes place, allowing the security team to investigate potential risks early on.

Below are some of the issues IT departments face today that could be remedied with behaviour monitoring:

  • Malicious Insiders – 78% of cyber fraud is committed by or with authorised users, or by external parties that hijack authorised user’s profiles. The ability to detect and prevent these attacks before they happen is crucial to any company’s security.

  • Limited Visibility– Without visibility into users’ behaviour, organisations are missing a critical later of defence and are less able to stop potential security breaches.

  • Limited Accountability – Security teams can struggle to discover the root cause of security breaches without detailed data on previous behaviour, increasing the chance of repeat attacks using the same method.

Honeycomb’s user and machine behaviour monitoring solution allows your security team to detect abnormal behaviour on your network in real-time, allowing you to investigate and prevent potential security breaches before they happen.

How Honeycomb Technologies Can Help Prevent Security Breaches

Rogue Behaviour Detection

Using fully customisable data collection and correlation, Honeycomb Lexicon can alert you to any abnormal behaviour detected on your internal network, helping your IT team stay on top of potential security threats.

Smart Alerting

When suspicious activity is detected on the network, highly detailed information regarding the activity is gathered, including user and location data. This information is then sent to the appropriate users to alert them of the activity, including any relevant events to assist with investigation.

Historical Archive and Retrieval Tools

If more information is needed on certain events, the specialised and granular archive and retrieval tools help you look back on all historical data, giving you access to the exact information you need at all times.

Why Choose Honeycomb Technologies?

Honeycomb Lexicon delivers a cost effective solution to monitor user and machine behaviour across your network, giving you the information you need to prevent security breaches before they take place.

Using a unique behavioural analysis engine, it can give you vital information on potential security threats as they happen. This functionality, alongside straightforward installation and configuration, makes Honeycomb Lexicon the perfect tool for any IT security team that is looking to reduce risk and workload and increase productivity.

Below are some of the benefits Honeycomb Lexicon can give to your organisation:

  • Real-time user and machine behaviour monitoring.

  • Historical behavioural views of all assets involved in a security breach.

  • Global reach and scalability for any size organization.

  • The knowledge to prevent security breaches before they happen.

To see how Honeycomb Lexicon benefits your business, download free now, and book an appointment with one of our technology partners for a personalised demonstration.