How Can You Add Value to Your Deployment of IBM QRadar?

With the ever increasing amount of data sources and network events, companies are requiring more and more functionality from their logging and correlation tools. By leveraging Honeycomb’s QRadar plugins, security teams can add an extra level of knowledge and expertise to their QRadar deployment.

Below are some of the issues IT departments face today with their standard SIEM deployments:

  • Too Much Data – Trying to manage the huge amounts of data collected is a monumental task. Large deployments require a number of people dedicated to managing the information collected and deciding which data is important.

  • Not Enough Staff – Given the limited resources available to most IT departments, there usually aren’t enough administrators to cover all of the data and offenses collected through their SIEM.

  • Limited Functionality – SIEM tools are designed to collect and correlate network data, but don’t have much functionality beyond that, creating more work for the security team.

Honeycomb’s QRadar plugins offer a simple way to increase the value of your SIEM by adding features like Active Directory integration and File Integrity Monitoring, offering a much more intelligent way to correlate data and detect security threats.

How Honeycomb Technologies Can Add Value to Your SIEM

Active Directory Integration

Honeycomb’s AD plugin populates QRadar and reference sets with you current AD data (e.g. Group data), including changes over time. We include a comprehensive knowledgebase of AD behaviour that integrates into QRadar’s dashboard, searches, offenses, report and alerts, for ‘Out-of-the-box’ AD monitoring expertise.

File Integrity Monitoring Integration

Using Honeycomb’s File Integrity Monitoring engine, this plugin allows you to monitor file and folder access, change, and duplication through QRadar. Giving you an extra layer of security intelligence when investigating offenses.

Improved Data Correlation and Search

With side-by-side data mirroring and long-term detailed data search using Honeycomb’s ‘Quick Search’, it’s easier and quicker than ever to search through your data and find exactly what you need. Also included is the ability to view trending, aggregation and statistical analysis of behaviour across multiple data sets.

Why Choose Honeycomb Technologies?

Honeycomb’s QRadar plugins offer a brand new set of features for IBM QRadar, giving you the operational intelligence you need to reduce workload and streamline your IT security process.

With these plugins, it’s easier than ever to manage the huge amounts of data your network generates. Thanks to quick deployment and ease of use, these plugins helps IT departments spend less time on data management and more time on investigating high priority offenses, while offering greater insights in to network events and flows.

Below are some of the benefits these plugins can give to your organisation:

  • Reduce workload by decreasing the time needed for data management.

  • Faster and more detailed data searching and investigation.

  • Analysis of user & machine behaviour across multiple data sets.

  • Granular Windows event filtering at source.

  • Higher Windows collection throughput.

To see how Honeycomb Lexicon benefits your business, download free now, and book an appointment with one of our technology partners for a personalised demonstration.