How to Keep up to Date With PCI Compliancy Changes

Keeping up with compliance can seem like a daunting and endless task to any management team. Without a dedicated tool you’re playing a constant game of catch-up, and one slip can cause a huge amount of issues.

Here is a straight forward list of questions to help you find a best of breed PCI compliance solution:

  • Does the solution tell you what issues are present and prioritise them according to severity?

  • Does the solution tell you when you are no longer compliant, and how to remedy the situation?

  • Does the solution tell you where compliance has been compromised, and why it has happened?

Honeycomb Lexicon allows you to keep on top of your compliance with in-built policies, alert and reports built around your needs. Whether you need to be PCI, GovConnect, SOX, NIST, HIPAA or ISO27001 compliant, Honeycomb Lexicon has the tools you need to achieve full compliance.

How Honeycomb Technologies Can Meet Your PCI Compliance Needs

Continuous PCI Compliance

With Honeycomb Lexicon you can now achieve compliance and stay compliant. With real-time, continuous monitoring of your network devices, Lexicon can alert you any time events are detected that may compromise your compliance.

Rich Knowledgebase

Honeycomb Lexixon uses a rich knowledgebase of rules and policies to simplify setup, detect issues and provide further support.

SIEM Agnostic

Honeycomb Lexicon can seamlessly integrate with any of the top SIEMs currently in use, giving your SIEM a brand new set of compliance specific policies, rules and alerts.

Continuous PCI Compliance With Global Scalability and Centralised Management

Honeycomb Lexicon helps your team get compliant and stay that way by offering a completely scalable compliance monitoring solution with unlimited global reach.

  • Implementation and set up is straightforward without the need to invest in expensive consultancy.

  • Set up of new devices anywhere in the world can be done with ease from a centralised console.

  • A simple to set up alert system allows you to configure Honeycomb’s Lexicon to meet your specific needs.

Using real-time, continuous monitoring, alerting and reporting, Honeycomb Lexicon can alert you to any issues that occur on your network. Using a huge database of policies and rules, users can customise the alerting system to suit their needs, no matter where your offices are based.

To see how simple and straightforward Honeycomb Lexicon is download a copy now for free or book an appointment with one of our technology partners to get a demonstration.