What Are the Main Challenges of Event and Log Management?

Event and log management is one of the most important aspects of any organisation’s network, as they contain all the information needed to investigate and prevent security breaches. However, there are some challenges that ever organisation eventually encounters. These challenged include:

  • Identification of Key Events – With companies generating more network events than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify key events from all the noise.

  • Lack of Analytics – Without a dedicated analysis tool, it’s almost impossible to manage and make sense of the huge amounts of data collected.

  • Data Correlation – Once the data has been collected and centralised, your organisation must have a tool in place for correlating different types of data to understand what’s happening on your network.

  • Data Normalisation – Because of the huge amount of events and the varied type of data being collected, it’s important to be able to normalise this unstructured data in a way you can understand. Without this ability your data is next to useless.

Honeycomb Lexicon offers an event & log management solution that allows your security team to collect, manage, and make sense of your network data, no matter how much is being generated. Using advanced correlation and indexing, finding the exact information you need is faster than ever before.

How Honeycomb Technologies Can Streamline Your Event and Log Management

Real-Time Event Correlation

Honeycomb Lexicon is able to collect all the data generated by your network and correlate the information in real-time, giving you a complete view of everything happening on your network.

Smart Alerting

When suspicious activity is detected on the network, highly detailed information regarding the activity is gathered, including user and location data. This information is then sent to the appropriate users to alert them of the activity, including any relevant events to assist with investigation.

Historical Archive and Retrieval Tools

If more information is needed on certain events, the specialised and granular archive and retrieval tools help you look back on all historical data, giving you access to the exact information you need at all times.

Why Choose Honeycomb Technologies?

Honeycomb Lexicon delivers a cost effective solution to collect, correlate and manage your network data in real-time. With smart alerting and reporting capabilities, you can keep on top of suspicious activity on your network and prevent security breaches before they happen.

Using lightning fast data retrieval, correlation and searching, Honeycomb Lexicon is the perfect tool for IT security teams to reduce workload and streamline their data management. Combined with a lightning fast deployment and intuitive, user friendly interface, it is the only tool you need to manage your organisation’s big data.

Below are some of the benefits Honeycomb Lexicon can give to your organisation:

  • Real-time data collection and correlation.

  • In-depth alerting and reporting, giving you all the information you need to investigate suspicious activity.

  • Extensive knowledgebase to help enrich your data with the intelligence required to prevent security breaches before they happen.

  • Built in compliance reports to make sure you stay compliant.

  • ‘Quick Search’ functionality to find data as soon as it’s needed.

To see how Honeycomb Lexicon benefits your business, download free now, and book an appointment with one of our technology partners for a personalised demonstration.