Why Big Data is Quickly Becoming a Necessity in Today’s World

There is a huge amount of buzz around ‘Big Data’ these days, but making sense of it isn’t an easy task. In the past, having an anti-virus software on endpoints and firewalls on the periphery was all you needed to keep your network protected. However, with the ever increasing threat of drive-by attacks, dormant worms, zero-day attacks, etc., it’s vital that companies know exactly what is happening on their network at all times.

To be able to effectively protect their network from attacks, organisations need to know who is doing what and where at all layers, in order to combat the diverse deluge of strikes and incursions on all levels of IT resources. Introduce the plethora of mobile computing devices and their associated vulnerabilities into the fray, and it very quickly becomes clear that to have any chance of defending against security breaches, what is needed is as much data intelligence in all corners of the IT environment as possible.

There’s also lots of buzz surrounding ‘Risk Management’. Well, without big data, the ability to quantify risk becomes a ‘best guess’ effort, and when it comes to critical business resources, assets, and processes that are crucial to the business, leaving this to chance is simply not an option. Of course, big data is only useful if there’s a clear and easy way to narrow the focus of the huge morass of disparate data into valuable chunks of contextual knowledge that exposes its meaning.

Honeycomb Lexicon is specifically designed to sift through huge reams of disparate data, helping you to make sense of it all. It functions as a flexible and customizable ‘overlay’ intelligence engine on top of your big data, able to extract multi-faceted aspects of stored big data (and typically across multiple systems and sites) to give a complete overview of data patterns that would otherwise never be detected.

How Honeycomb Technologies Can Make Sense of Your Big Data

Intuitive Pattern Recognition

Honeycomb Lexicon comes pre-populated with checks and pattern recognition for common problems and attacks, and its extensibility means it is always evolving as new threats arrive. Honeycomb Lexicon is updated as new patterns emerge independently of your big data, future-proofing for ongoing threat analysis.

Crystal Clear Visibility

Honeycomb Lexicon can look at specific sections of your big data to give you an overview of all related activity, organised in a way that you can understand. With a customisable and easy to use interface, Honeycomb Lexicon can reduce the time it takes to investigate events dramatically.

Historical Archive and Retrieval Tools

If more information is needed on certain events, the specialised and granular archive and retrieval tools help you look back on all historical data, giving you access to the exact information you need at all times.

Why Choose Honeycomb Technologies?

Honeycomb Lexicon delivers a cost effective solution to collect, correlate and manage your networks big data in real-time. With smart alerting, searching, and reporting capabilities, you can make complete sense of your network’s big data.

Using lightning fast data retrieval, correlation and searching, Honeycomb Lexicon is the perfect tool for IT security teams to reduce workload and streamline their big data management. Combined with a lightning fast deployment and intuitive, user friendly interface, it is the only tool you need to manage your organisation’s big data.

Below are some of the benefits Honeycomb Lexicon can give to your organisation:

  • Real-time data collection and correlation.

  • In-depth alerting, searching, and reporting, giving you all the information you need to investigate suspicious activity.

  • Extensive knowledgebase to help enrich your data with the intelligence required to prevent security breaches before they happen.

  • Built in compliance reports to make sure you stay compliant.

  • ‘Quick Search’ functionality to find data as soon as it’s needed.

To see how Honeycomb Lexicon benefits your business, download free now, and book an appointment with one of our technology partners for a personalised demonstration.