How Can You Protect Your Organisation From Internal Threats?

Today nearly 40 percent of IT security breaches are perpetrated by people inside the company*.
Below are some of the top internal security threats that every organisation should be aware of and actively protecting against:

  • BYOD – More organisations than ever before are utilising BYOD, however without the correct tools this can open up your network to a huge number of untrusted devices.

  • Employee Mobility – It isn’t just the challenge of BYOD that needs to be on your Radar. With the ever decreasing size of portable memory, it’s easier than ever to take data from internal machines.

  • Physical and Logical Security – Whilst companies place a lot of emphasis on data security and the security of physical IT infrastructure, all too often it can be the loss or theft of physical assets such as storage systems that lead to data being leaked. Monitoring activity at physical entry points such as car parks and security doors can also add additional levels of security.

  • Malicious Cyber-Attacks – Technically proficient employees are more than capable of using their system access to open back doors in to computer systems or leave programs on the network to steal information. With the dramatic increase to develop BYOD policies to support employee demands there is an ever higher probability that employees will inadvertently download equally damaging programs on to the network.

  • External Staff – External contractors are a vital part of any large organisation, but it takes a lot of resource to ensure they don’t pose a threat to your organisation.

Honeycomb’s advanced user and machine behaviour tools provide you with the opportunity to set up, monitor and alert you to rogue behaviours on all devices and networks keeping IT professionals on top of internal security threats.

*According to research conducted by the US Computer Emergency Response Team

How Honeycomb Technologies Can Meet Your Active Directory Monitoring Needs

User and Machine Behaviour

Capture user and machine behaviour across your entire network in real-time, giving you high visibility of behaviour, usage and trends with unrivalled detail and performance.

Smart Alerting

Without immediate action, harmful changes to Active Directory can quickly put your organisation at risk. With Honeycomb’s Active Directory plugin, you can now be alerted to any harmful and unauthorised modifications made in real-time.

Maintain AD Compliance

Honeycomb knows the in-depth intricacies of Windows event generation and auditing, and so hugely simplifies and streamlines the auditing process, ensuring you always stay up-to-date on your compliance status.

Global Scalability, Centralised Operation and Comprehensive Data Management

With Honeycomb Lexicon, it’s now easier than ever to monitor, detect and report on day-to-day user and administrative actions, giving you the tools you need to detect behavioural anomalies, pinpoint attacks and protect your Private Cloud.

Using automatic Active Directory detection and monitoring, Honeycomb Lexicon is able to alert you to any suspicious behaviour detected on your internal network. With specialised archive and retrieval tools, you can look back on historical data to investigate user and machine behaviour at any point in time.
LexFileMonitor allows user and machine behaviour to be fully audited in line with compliance requirements for PCI, ISO27001, GovConnect Code of Connection and the Gambling Commission amongst others.
This type of monitoring is ideal for:

  • Viewing the complete history of logons of any user on your network, showing you Active Directory domain objects like computers, groups and other user accounts that the employee has administered, accessed or modified during his association.

  • Seeing who last logged on and made changes to a recently breached machine.

  • Identifying if any user is attempting a logon into machines that he / she does not have privileges.

  • Monitoring behaviour of external staff members for suspicious activity

For more information, download a copy of our comprehensive data sheet.

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