What do I get with LexiconEnterprise?

  • Visibility from low-level network data all the way up to top-tier application data

  • Data collection of any text-based data

  • Centralised management of data collection across large network estates

  • Storage and search capabilities for truly vast amounts of data

  • Built-in knowledge of network devices, including dashboards, searches and reports

  • Automated reporting and alerting of data patterns occurring in real-time

  • Full compliance and built-in knowledge of regulatory and conformity requirements

  • Business knowledge of your IT data

Data Collection Expertise

Often overlooked, data collection is a fundamental part of data management. LexCollect provides a simple, yet highly scalable solution to collect data from the vast array of servers, workstations, network devices and applications across your network.

With its toolkit of services you can collect any text-based data from devices throughout your estate and its policy-based wizard enables simple configuration and management of your data collection.

Scalable Storage

Even a relatively modest network can generate vast amounts of data that is hugely valuable to an organisation. Lexicon’s world-class indexing technology can store, index and search huge amounts of data quickly, allowing visibility of information and faster business decisions.

Knowledge Sets

Imagine being able to weed out the data you really need from the vast amount of data ‘noise.’ Lexicon’s knowledge sets are specifically designed to do just that, customising results for a particular task and recognising that different users have different requirements. Data integrity and regulatory compliance are also maintained.

Distributed Search

Fast and accurate searches from unlimited amounts of data is a feature of Lexicon with its unique LexTree feature. This intuitive interface enables rapid and highly sophisticated searching without the need for end-user training or knowledge of complex syntax rules. Lexicon has extremely rich search syntax: its data-agnostic approach and its speed make it easy to perform ad-hoc searching and reporting of events.

Powerful searching and pattern matching can then be run across huge volumes of indexed data returning results in seconds, with the ability to have multiple Lexicons and indexes in order to carry out distributed searches on a truly global scale.

Automated Reports and Alerts

LexReporter also provides powerful, flexible, automated and distributed reporting across your enterprise, with real-time alerting of data patterns occurring at any location and across multiple device types throughout the network.