Honeycomb Palo Alto Next Generation App

Honeycomb’s “Next Generation App!” adds enormous value to your Palo Alto Firewall. As with any firewall they are not designed with the intention of storing the information for long periods of time, this is where Honeycomb’s Palo Alto LexApp becomes massively useful. Holding vast amounts of generated log data this including that of firewall, for given periods of time is what we do BEST!

Honeycomb has established a LexApp which delivers to its users “Palo Alto expert-in-a-box”, providing more wealth to users by adding next generation visibility to YOUR network data along with added correlation between application layer, and low level protocol analysis.

Honeycombs reporting and searching capabilities have extended that of Palo’s in-built tools to make the mining through historical and real-time events seamless. Pre-built with the honeycomb solution are set of

Palo Alto scheduled reports including but not limited to:

  • Palo Alto Traffic Weekly
  • Palo Alto Threat weekly
  • Palo Alto Access weekly

With the options of customizing scheduled reports to a time frame that suits your business.

With Honeycomb Lexicons “no-nonsense” approach to searching allows for quick searches of that extremely rich Palo Alto data at your fingertips. Lexicon Enterprise comes pre-built with a selection of Palo Alto Dashboards:

  • Palo Alto Traffic
  • Palo Alto Config
  • Palo Alto System
  • Palo Alto Threat


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