Honeycomb Releases new 3.10 Version of Lexicon Enterprise

September 2013

Honeycomb has unveiled its new v3.10 Lexicon Enterprise software for monitoring, indexing, storing, searching and reporting on organizations’ Big Data.

Honeycomb Lexicon Enterprise incorporates Honeycomb’s LexCollect distributed data collection engine and centralized management; Honeycomb’s world-class distributed indexing technology, Lexicon Indexer, and LexReporter, Honeycomb’s search and report automation facility.

The 3.10 release includes automated data collection and centralized, policy-based data collection management, fully distributed indexing and search, report and alert capabilities for huge amounts of data across many locations, and new integrations for third party security solutions.

Also included are new and improved remote Windows data collectors and expertise analyzers and platform integrations.

“We’re very excited about the feature set we’re delivering to customers in this version, bringing even more Big Data knowledge and visibility to corporate environments by gathering, collating and storing the vast amount of event traffic occurring across an organization’s network”, said Chief Technical Officer at Honeycomb Peter Sturge. “The security and behavioural nature of this version’s distributed and managed data collection automation engine provides a new level of access for seeing – not just the activity on the network, but how this activity relates to the people and resources using it. This is absolutely crucial for tackling today’s ‘data-centric’ Cyber Security complexities”.

For more information on Honeycomb’s Lexicon Enterprise and associated solutions, please visit www.honeycomb.co.uk/solutions.