File Integrity Monitoring

Data Sheet detailing how Honeycomb Lexicon handles file integrity monitoring.

File Integrity Monitoring
File Integrity Monitoring
What is it, and Why do You Need it?
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) helps you keep track of your organization’s critical
files by continuously monitoring your file system. Unexpected changes to critical
files can cause a huge number of issues if they’re not detected and dealt with
immediately. Honeycomb Lexicon offers everything you need to keep track of
your file system and any changes that may affect your organization’s security.
What We Offer
Real-time monitoring of changes
Agentless file system scanning
Real-time user and machine
and accesses to NTFS and
for remote file systems
behaviour monitoring
UNIX file systems
Approved for PCI,SOX,ISO
Global reach and scalability for
Configuration content change
27001,GovConnect and
large enterprises
regulatory projects
Integrates seamlessly with all top SIEM solutions
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How it Works
Lexicon listens for file system
When matching criteria is
This information is then
Action is then taken on the
changes at the kernel-level –
detected, highly detailed
forwarded to the Lexicon
event, in conjunction with
being immediately not fed by
information regarding the
I and other configured
other related activity,and
the operating system of all
activity is gathered,including
SIEM tools for analysis and
alarms,logs and incidents
matching activity.
user and location data.
are raised accordingly.
Rogue Behaviour Monitoring
What sets Honeycomb Lexicon apart
from other FIM solutions,is built in user
and machine behaviour monitoring that
helps detect rogue behaviours.
Using fully customisable data collection
and correlation,Honeycomb Lexicon
can alert you to any abnormal behaviour
Behaviour profile is generated
Behaviour is continuously
As soon as rogue behaviours
detected on your internal network,
from normal user or machine
monitored for abnormal behaviour
are detected,your IT team is
helping your IT team stay on top of
behaviour using fully
patterns,with all unexpected
alerted and can view all the
potential security threats.
customisable profiling policies.
behaviour being flagged up.
details necessary to investigate
possible security threats.
How it Can Help You
File integrity monitoring (FIM) is a vital part of any security infrastructure,offering a valuable insight to access,
change and behavioural footprint of files. Finding the appropriate solution for your organization can be a
daunting task. Knowing what questions to ask when evaluating a file integrity monitoring solution helps you
understand how they differ. Here are some of the key questions you need to ask when evaluating FIM solutions:
Is the solution capable of truly real-time detection and alerting?
Is the solution easy to install, configure and use?
Does the solution integrate with your existing infrastructure?
Does the solution offer extra functionality in addition to FIM?
Contact Information
Does the solution improve your current security capabilities?
Does the solution give you all the information you need to investigate potential security risks?
UK,Europe & USA
Honeycomb Lexicon offers a unique behavioural analysis engine,giving you vital information on potential
security threats as they happen. This functionality,alongside straightforward installation and configuration,
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makes Honeycomb Lexicon the perfect tool for any IT security team that is looking to reduce risk and workload
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and increase productivity.
Honeycomb Lexicon’s smart alerting technology gives your IT security team only the information needed to
investigate unauthorised file access and change,helping to streamline the security process. If more
Africa & Asia
information is needed on certain events,the specialised and granular archive and retrieval tools help you look
back on all historical data,giving you access to the exact information you need at all times.
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