Advantages of Running Honeycomb LexCollect in SIEM Environments

Find out how LexCollect seamlessly integrates with third party SIEM solutions.

Advantages of Honeycomb
LexCollect in SIEM Environments
Using LexCollect to Streamline Your Data Collection
Honeycomb’s LexCollect delivers high-performance, best-of-breed data collection and collection
management for medium and large business networks. LexCollect brings very significant
advantages to Security, Compliance, Operations and other Data Management projects by
providing functionality, automation, management and features not found in other products.
How Can LexCollect Help My Business?

Here’s just some of the key benefits Honeycomb LexCollect brings to your business:
• Provides full data collection management to large and multi-site enterprises, including Policy
  management, service deployment and updating
• Includes Windows server and product expertise out-of-the-box
• Fully automated
• Future-proof: Automatic updating of new knowledgebase elements
• Can collect any kind of data from anywhere
• Includes real-time File Integrity Monitoring, including file accesses
• Scales to very large networks and huge numbers of machines
• Use the same system for security, compliance and operations requirements
• Approved for PCI, GovConnect, ISO27001 and regulatory projects

What is LexCollect’s Windows Expertise?

Honeycomb LexCollect knows Windows and Active Directory inside and out. Here’s some
key advantages to using LexCollect for your Windows environment:
• Knowledge of all Windows event types – including current and new types,and legacy types
• Audit Policy lockdown – the ability to prevent accidental or deliberate changes to your
  auditing settings
• Real-time File Integrity Monitoring – super high-performance FIM tuned for NTFS. Capable of
  monitoring entire volumes, and can monitor file reads, not just file changes
• At-source, real-time filtering of unwanted events
• Monitors not just the Windows Event Log – also product log files e.g. Exchange Message
  Tracking, IIS, etc.
• Easy integration with Honeycomb Lexicon® and third party SIEM products
• Full centralized management of data collection via Mesh® Policy objects
• Full support for local machine monitoring and ‘agentless’ Event Log and log file monitoring

How Does LexCollect Improve My Business’ Bottom Line?

Management & Automation: LexCollect’s management features takes care of the data
collection tasks for you, so you and your IT Team can do their jobs effectively.

Control: With LexCollect’s data management, deployment and Policy control, deploying new
devices is much simpler.

Visibility: Add automated data collection, and you get real-time visibility of your IT network’s
behavioural data when and where you need it.

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