Active Directory Plugin for QRadar Datasheet

Data Sheet for Honeycomb’s Active Directory, Sharepoint and Exchange plugin for IBM QRadar.

Active Directory, Sharepoint and
Exchange Auditing Powered by IBM
QRadar & Honeycomb Lexicon
How to get the most out of your SIEM solution
With Honeycombs Active Directory, Sharepoint & Exchange Plugin for
QRadar, it’s now easier than ever to monitor, detect and report on day-to-day
user and administrative actions, giving you the tools you need to detect
behavioural anomalies, pinpoint attacks and protect your Private Cloud.
Seamless Integration With IBM’s QRadar
User & Machine Behaviour
Honeycomb’s Active Directory, Sharepoint & Exchange
Capture user and machine behaviour across your entire
plugin helps protect your SIEM investment by adding vital
network in real-time,and seamlessly integrate with IBM’s
features and visibility to your existing infrastructure. You no
QRadar,giving you high visibility of behaviour,usage and
longer need separate applications to collect, analyze and
trends with unrivalled detail and performance. With
store your Active Directory, Group Policy, Sharepoint and
automatic alerting and anomaly detection,you can easily
Exchange – Honeycomb’s seamless QRadar integration
keep a close eye on internal behaviour with minimal effort.
does the work for you to vastly enhance your current
Smart Alerting
Maintain AD, Sharepoint & Exchange
Without immediate action,harmful changes to Active
Directory can quickly put your organization, confidential
In the ever-changing and continually growing list of
data and intellectual property at risk. Without an active
compliance and regulatory standards, it’s not an easy task
alerting system, unwanted modifications can go unnoticed
to stay fully compliant. Honeycomb knows the in-depth
for long periods of time. With Honeycomb’s Active Directory
intricacies of Windows event generation and auditing,and
Plugin,you can now be alerted to any harmful and
so hugely simplifies and streamlines the auditing process,
unauthorized modifications made in real-time.
ensuring you always stay up-to-date on your compliance
Sample Reports
Honeycombs Active Directory,Sharepoint & Exchange Plugin for QRadar is
equipped with a vast collection of pre-configured reports out of the box to
help make sense of your data. You can fnd a small sample of these below.
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